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National Conference of Vicars for Religious

Jubilee Mass Sister Megan and Sister Glo

Welcome to the website of the National Conference of Vicars for Religious!


This website is intended to be an online resource manual, if you will, for the Vicars/Episcopal Delegates for Religious currently serving in the dioceses across the United States.  Here you will be able to easily navigate the site to find what you are looking for to support you in your important ministry.  It also aims to put you in a position to network and make contact with people, including members of the Executive Board as well as colleagues from other dioceses, and organizations whose purpose complements the mission of our Conference.  On a practical level, we wish to provide you with resources that will give you clarity, offer assistance in your planning, and give you a roadmap related to questions that pertain to your position as Vicar for Religious.


It is our hope, then, that you will make it a point to visit the website often!

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Martin Luther

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